Simple solutions are the best

Custom Titanium Mpens

When the Mpen is switch on, it can't be put into pocket, because the bolt blocks the way to clip.

 If you want to place Mpen into, you must turn it off.


It’s nice to use cool stuff

Unique Gadgets

From my side I think, using and possessing even simple things should give a lot of joy


Quality and perfection will be appreciated by users

Custom knives and pimps

In my work are fixeds and folders

I’m still trying to make another, always make them look unique, useful and perfect

Morse Code

Your product becomes unique and special

Morse Code Idea

The idea is using the Morse Code to personalize the product, which can be written by using dots or dashes

By using this way we can write eg. owner’s names, initials, or any other word which we like